Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative

A US Department of Defense initiative

Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative or USAI is a U.S. Department of Defense 22-led funding program to increase Ukraine's capacity to defend itself more effectively against Russian aggression through the further training of its Armed Forces, equipment, and advisory initiatives.[1]


Training, equipment, and advising activities have been included in USAI packages to improve Ukraine's defensive capabilities, such as: marine domain awareness, operational safety, and capacity of Ukrainian Air Force facilities, as well as its lethality, command, and control, and survivability. To counter Russian cyberattacks and misinformation, USAI also supports cyber defense and strategic communications.[2]

The USAI, in collaboration with the United States Department of State, supports a wide range of security assistance activities, including, but not limited to, intelligence support, personnel training, equipment and logistics support, supplies, and other services.[3]


The $3 billion dispersed through the initiative in August 2022 can be used to purchase equipment, arms, and ammunition directly from U.S. defense contractors.[4]


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